nice days like that

Two fridays ago, I went out with my friends, we had an amazing time. First me and Isabela took some picutures in the terrace, it was almost night so we couldn't spend so many time outside. Later night we went to a bar, we met Hagen and, later, André and César. So at this point we were all eating pizza and having a great time. Then we decided to go to André's house to take coffee (cause his coffee is pretty good) and watched Patrini and Sailor Moon. It was a really great night, so me and Isabela came to my home, and before going to sleep we went to gaze the stars and talk. I could barely not remember the last time I had so much fun like that. Here are some pictures!


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Missing it

Today I'll post here some old photos I took this year. Since I'm studying photography, hope soon I'll have better and new pictures to post, but for now I'm feeling terrible uninspired.
Perhaps this weekeng me and my friends could go to the botanic garden, so I'll try to take new photos (I told you guys that I've bought a professional camera? It's a nikon 3100, and I didn't use it outside yet.
These pictures here has been taken with a Lomo.

That's it :) Have a great week everybody

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Little trip

My trip through the RS was just great and beautiful, beautiful, just beautiful. 2 days at some of the most beautiful landscapes. The first road led us to Nova Roma do Sul, a small town located in the hills. Early sunday morning we took the road to the great canyons of Cambará do Sul… I must admit I didn’t know there were canyons on Rio Grande do Sul. My dad and I climbed the highest hill and I took some amazing pictures of two couples who were there (cause my dad’s afraid of heights and couldn’t take pictures of me hahaha)

(music: Toothpaste Kisses - The Maccabees)

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Paiting Class

So I borrowed a camera from my friend and I used it on my paiting class. I'm tooking new photos now, in different places and with different people, wish this week I took it to develop.

This camera needs too much light and I didn't know it. Hope that the next pictures are better.

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...all my troubles seemed so far away"
I went out with my friends and I didn't see them it had a long time.
It was just like the old days and yet I miss them so much in my everyday, but that's okay since we can meet like  we did yesterday.

Last picture it's a gift Maria gave me for my birthday.

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Oh god

Some would say I abandoned my blog... but I DON'T!I just fogot it.... haha.
Well, so I can tell pretty much happend since my last login here but, honesly, I can't remember things properly. I'm having some ideas, and soon I'll talk more about it. 
For now, I have to say I spent the rest of my 2011 and beginning of 2012 the way I really love: with nature. And with friends... you people do not think that's the way we should live? Oh, I know you people love shopping or buying things you really don't need. But think about it: there's really something more beautiful than wake up hearing the birds sing?
Not to me. So my idea now it's to post some pictures I did not post in any other social network, and I'll try to follow a timeline. Come back with me to my11.19.2011

We spent this day taking pictures in this green place on my condominium and drinking Chimarrão. It was really great!
Have a great week!